Monday, 24 November 2014

Things to Do While Moving In a New House

Written By: Sumita Roy

Moving to a new house is like a starting life afresh, beginning from where you started at first. Organizing the new space seems like a backbreaking job. Therefore, here I have come up with a few ways in which you can start off with the job. Following these you can make your home more welcoming and pleasing for everyone, including yourself.

First, when you are about to move, make it a point that you leave your kids at their cousins’ place so that they do not make your job harder or face any difficult situation. Second, before moving make sure you have neatly listed your belongings so that nothing remains amiss. With these two in mind let us take a look at the things you need to do in your new home.

Bug proof the interiors

If you can have access to the keys of the house a few days earlier you’re moving in, make it a point to spray disinfectant within every room. The bug bomb will exterminate all kinds of bug problems and make it a safer place for your children and pets. 

Even if you do not come across any pest like intrusion on your visits, they are most likely hidden from your naked eyes. And taking a precaution always pays off. Therefore, spraying them a day or two before your arrival will make your home completely livable on the day you arrive.

Deep cleaning

This can be entirely done by you or you can take the help of a hired help. One of the advantages when you are just moving in is that you have access to all the nooks and corners of your house.

You can reach every, otherwise hidden, corners within the house and cleanse it. Deep scrubbing and cleaning of floor tiles, windows, sanitary wares, baseboards etc. with no beds to move, or curtains to pull down is far more easier than when you have everything set in place. You can go about with unhindered and thorough cleaning process equipped with a vacuum cleaner and a wash towel.

The refrigerator, dish washer, washing machine, rice cooker and other appliances can also be thoroughly cleaned and dried. If possible hire a cleaning help who will help you with this job. He can help you unload and shift things in their proper places as well.

Local market study

No person can go without food for long. Therefore, you need to sort out the minimal fooding required on your first day. Check the local market, sort out the type of food you will be needing and purchase it. 

Also do not forget energy bars/ drinks, you’ll require them. Cold beverages and snacks will be the only thing that will keep you going until your kitchen is fixed. Cupcakes can also serve as good supplement for food. Also buy some toilet papers, newspapers, paper towels along.

Inspect your belongings

Make sure your belongings are duly listed when you are packing your stuff. You need to cross check the list when you are unloading your stuff. After unloading you can plan as to what is going to be set where- a room by room planning.

This planning will be a long term thing as a result you need to sort out all other rooms very carefully. A floor plan of your apartment will help you with this planning.

Also check your belongings thoroughly, especially those cartons where you have placed the most delicate things like cutlery set, glass menageries, art collection, photo frames etc.

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Find essentials and organize

While unpacking, do not open all the packages at once. Do one room at a time. For example, set the kitchen as soon as all the cleaning is done. Next go for the bedrooms. Eating and sleeping are the two things you simply can’t do without. Therefore, setting up these two spaces is most essential. 

Doing one room at a time also gives you the scope to do things in an organized fashion instead of tossing things in a cluttered way. Unpack just a few clothes that you will need in the scope of next few days. 

Also keep your coffeemaker/ teapot and a few cups and tumblers close at hand. If you have a pet give him packed food, pedigree etc. for these initial days, because preparing extra will not be an easy thing to do.

Installation of window treatments

One of the primary job you should consider before nightfall is installing window treatments. You would not like to display you personal activities to every passerby so it is a good idea to install curtains and blinds before sunset.

In this way you can go about with your work without much hindrance or worry about public display. Also to make a better installation later you can always attach bed sheets to the windows primarily- that is when you enter. You can take your own precious time to sort things out when you have time to do so.

Fix beds

Bedding is as important as fooding or drinking. Set up as many beds you need but do not completely unpack them. Moving an unpacked thing is far more difficult than when it is packed.

If you have friends helping over then make room for them to sit and relax as well. But it is a good thing if they are not staying over, you will not have to unpack a lot. 

If you have children at your place, make sure that you place one bed in the kids room and declutter that room to make their first night in the new home  good and relaxing experience.

Meet the neighbors

This is something you can do once you are done with settling in your new home. You can ask your kids to take their play outside or take a stroll along the pavements with you. 

You can stop by and chat with people staying nearby. Complimenting them on their maintenance, commenting on the pets, sharing a cup of coffee will make you feel more at home. 

This will make you form a bond with the people living near you and familiarize with the neighborhood.

Enjoy the family meal

Make your first meal in the new home special. After a long day’s work, sharing even the simplest of homemade meals can be priceless. 

If you are not finished with the kitchen at the end of the day then take a drive to the nearest market to order a few dishes and eat in your home. 

However, this cannot be continued for more than two meals because: first, eating out might not always be healthy option; and second, for leftovers you will need the fridge. So the faster you set the kitchen, the better.

Time for bed

Do not overdo the work. Your body needs rest. The first day of moving can be very stressful and tiring, so it is better that you do not tire yourself any more than necessary.

Make sure that for setting up, you do one room at a time and complete the day’s work latest by 8 o’clock. 

Staying up can make you more exhausted and drained out rather than the opposite. And only unpack the essentials like toiletries, a few dresses to start with. 

Get into extensive decoration later. Setting the library or the centerpiece can wait, but for everything you need to have a fresh mind, which you can only have with a good health.

This is how you can gradually start living in your new home. Of course, the first few days of setting up the entire space is not going to be easy. But have the ability to think simply. A clear thinking will save you a lot of time and trouble, and make your more at ease with your new surroundings.  

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